Improve your Project Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet with OnePager Express

How to present a portfolio of multiple projects tracked in Microsoft Excel

Are you responsible for a portfolio of multiple projects? Are you using Microsoft Excel to manage individual project schedules within your portfolio? Do you have difficulty making project portfolio reports in Excel? OnePager Express is the answer.

OnePager Express, an add-in to Microsoft Excel, is the easiest way to create and maintain timelines and Gantt charts for multiple projects. If you don’t already have OnePager Express, you can download a 15-day free trial to see how it works.

  1. Start by collecting the information about all of your projects. You can track this in a single Excel spreadsheet, as shown below, or in multiple spreadsheets if you prefer:

    Project portfolio being tracked in an Excel spreadsheet.

    If you have a large set of tasks, you can filter them before creating your report, but in this case, we'll import everything.

  2. Now just click on the OnePager Express button on the Microsoft Excel Add-ins tab or toolbar. From the Start screen that appears, choose New. Then, on the next screen, give your portfolio report a name and type in a status/snapshot date as shown below:

    Redesigned OnePager Express import wizard.

  3. Click Next to decide which columns from your Excel spreadsheet you want to import:

    Redesigned OnePager Express column mapping wizard.

  4. Now, click on the Create new project view button and the following graphic will appear:

    Project management portfolio example: A project portfolio view created from a project tracking spreadsheet in Excel, using the OnePager Express add-in.

    In this portfolio view, each project gets its own swimlane, and the tasks for each project are color-coded separately for maximum readability.

  5. You can now take this project portfolio view and copy it into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, email it to the team, or paste it into a Microsoft Word document for a customer.


That's just the beginning! Here's what else you can do:

  • Use conditional formatting to quickly choose different shapes and color based on status, resource, or anything else
  • Update the same report (without starting over) when your portfolio changes to quickly get an updated snapshot
  • Group and sort your portfolio like a pivot chart based on any data in your portfolio (e.g. phase, customer, etc.)
  • Create a standard template for other portfolios so all of your reporting is consistent

OnePager Express is powerful, flexible, easy to use, and has world-class support. Get started today by downloading a free trial or attending one of our demonstration webinars.

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